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Apple rolls out iPad eSIM support in China

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Apple has made an incredibly minor update to the iPad, with the tenth-generation model now gaining eSIM support in China.

Rumors circulated on Tuesday that Apple would make an iPad announcement, which failed to materialize. After introducing a new Apple Pencil, it turns out that Apple did do something iPad-related, but only in China.

In Apple's announcement about the Apple Pencil in its regional newsroom covering China, the company mentions a small change to the tenth-generation iPad. According to the press release, the Wi-Fi + Cellular model will gain support for eSIM for the first time.

Consumers in China were able to get a Wi-Fi + Cellular model of the iPad, but it used a SIM rather than an eSIM. Under the change, eSIM support will be added to the cellular-equipped model under the model number A3162.

Preorders for the eSIM-equipped iPad will open on October 19, with a release date of October 25. Only the China Unicom service is available for the eSIM in mainland China.