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Apple debuts third-generation Apple Pencil with USB-C charging

The new Apple Pencil charges with USB-C

Apple has launched what it calls a "more affordable" Apple Pencil, adding USB-C charging for all modern iPads, but removing one key feature.

The new Apple Pencil is more universal than the previous models, and works with all iPad models that have a USB-C port. This includes iPad (10th generation), iPad Air (4th and 5th generations), iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generations), and iPad mini (6th generation).

Rather than relying on a cap to cover a male connector like the first-generation model, or wireless charging like the second-gen version, the new Apple Pencil instead has a sliding cap that uncovers a USB-C port, to accept a cable for charging.

While it doesn't have wireless charging, the new model does magnetically attach to the side of an iPad.

Apple says the latest model has the same precision, low latency, and tilt sensitivity as its other Apple Pencil models. Like the second-gen model, it also includes Hover support on the iPad Pro, so users can still preview on the display where their Apple Pencil will mark.

One unexpectedly missing element is pressure sensitivity, a core feature of the first and second-generation models, but one that is absent in the USB-C edition.

"Apple Pencil has revolutionized note taking, sketching, and illustrating, unleashing endless possibilities for productivity and creativity," according to Apple VP of Worldwide Product Marketing Bob Borchers. "Combined with the versatility of iPad, the new Apple Pencil unlocks another great option to experience the magic of digital handwriting, annotation, marking up documents, and more.

The new Apple Pencil will ship in early November. It retails for $79. First and second-generation Apple Pencil models are currently on sale at Amazon, with prices as low as $89.