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OLED iPad Pro may use new two-stack display technology

iPad Pro

LG Display will be using custom display technologies for its panels intended for Apple products, including changes to the 2024 iPad Pro displays as well as 2027 MacBook Pro models.

Display technologies change quickly, typically improving with each iteration and then quickly heading to market. As a major supplier to Apple, changes in LG Display's production also make it into Apple's products.

According to industry sources of The Elec, LG Display is preparing to use a new OLED material set known as "RDE" in the OLED panel used in the iPad Pro. The material change will apparently be included in models launching in 2024.

The OLED panels used in the current iPhone displays are known as a "single-stack product," which uses one light-emitting layer. The RDE material LG Display wants to use has a two-stack tandem structure, where two light-emitting layers are stacked on top of each other.

The benefit of the two-stack system is that it can produce the same brightness as a single-stack panel, but consumes less power in the process. Efficiency and lifespan are also anticipated for the panel.

LG isn't just working on materials for new iPad displays, as it is also thinking about future hardware. In the case of MacBook models using OLED displays, a panel using an "RDG" material is expected to be produced in 2027, with new MacBook Pro models using it launching the same year.

Details about what exactly is different about RDG were not offered in the report.

The creation of RDE is alongside another similar version called RDF. While RDE is intended for IT products, such as iPads and notebooks, RDF is meant for use in vehicles, and is made to have a longer life span.