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Everything new in iOS 17.2 beta 1: Journal, iMessage sticker reactions, more

iOS 17.2 beta 1

The beta cycle has restarted with iOS 17.2 and the rest, which includes the long-awaited Journal app on iPhone, iMessage sticker reactions, and the rumored Apple TV app redesign.

Apple released iOS 17.1 and the other point updated operating systems on Wednesday, but iOS 17.2 is already here. The new beta cycle introduces some of the remaining features Apple promised for iOS 17, plus some surprises.

Arguably, the biggest release for iOS 17.2 is the Journal app. It is a privacy-focused journaling app that collects data from a suggestion API available to developers that help create new entries.

The Journal app is only available as an iPhone app as of beta 1 and will likely remain that way.

Apple also updated the Apple TV app in line with a recent rumor. On tvOS 17.2 the TV app has a new sidebar that shows available content based on integrated channels.

The integrated channels like Paramount+ and external app channels like Disney+ all show up on the sidebar. It enables users to easily access what they are looking for without having to leave the app like before, but with a much more streamlined interface.

The TV app on iOS is also updated, but tweaked only slightly with more emphasis on the channels in Watch Now. Available channels appear in a "My TV" section.

Apple Music also got a few new changes. The Favorites Playlist is available to beta testers, which collects the user's favorites into one place similar to Spotify's likes playlist.

Apple Music Favorites Playlist and collaborative playlists
Apple Music Favorites Playlist and collaborative playlists

Collaborative Apple Music playlists are also now available. Users can invite others running iOS 17.2 to manage a playlist.

Apple included the iMessage sticker reactions function, but users note it's not quite the same as a tapback reaction. It allows users to react with a sticker, but it just attaches a sticker onto the message rather than it becoming an integrated tapback, dissimilar to Slack or Discord reactions.

Additional updates

  • Assign Translate to the Action button
  • New Weather widgets and clock widget
  • iMessage Contact Key Verification
  • Apple Music Focus Filter

As more features are discovered, they will be added here. Apple will likely release iOS 17.2 and the other updates in early December.