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Nanoleaf expands Matter-capable Essentials lineup with new bulbs

Nanoleaf has new lights

On Thursday, Nanoleaf expanded its Essentials portfolio with the addition of two new bulbs, as well as a portable lamp designed in conjunction with Umbra.

Nanoleaf's Essentials line is a set of affordable, Matter-compatible accessories that will support all major smart home brands including Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smartthings, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

The two new bulbs Nanoleaf is announcing are a recessed downlight and compact GU10. Both support full color and connect with Matter over Thread.

Nanoleaf Essentials downlight and GU10
Nanoleaf Essentials downlight and GU10 bulb

They join the existing A19 bulb and lightstrip the company had previously released. They are both available now with the GU10 priced at $49.99 for a three pack and the downlight at $34.99.

A portable smart lamp

In addition, Nanoleaf has announced a partnership with the Canadian design brand Umbra. They've worked together to make a modern-looking portable lamp based around Nanoleaf's smart lighting.

The Cono smart light has a X for its base that holds up a cone from which the light emits. It can sit upright, on its side, or even be hung upside down.

Cono smart light
Cono smart light

It outputs 130 lumens at roughly 9W and supports more than 16 million colors. It will support five hours of continuous use and charges over USB-C.

Umbra says the unique base also doubles as a handle so you can carry it around like a torch. It too supports Matter over Thread and Apple HomeKit.

The Umbra Cono is available for preorder for $95 with an estimated ship date of November 28.