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Apple releases behind-the-scenes video of U2 in Las Vegas Sphere

Apple Music has shared a 30-minute behind-the-scenes look at U2's residency in the newly built Las Vegas Sphere and what it took to make it possible to perform in such a venue.

U2 began their first Las Vegas residency, "U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere" on September 29. The Sphere, you've likely already seen on social media. It is a new dome in the Venetian Resort with Dolby Atmos technology inside, and hundreds of thousands of LED elements, both inside and out.

The video features Apple Music exec Zane Lowe as he tours the venue with U2. In the interview, the band discusses their creative vision for the new era of their music.

Thanks to The Sphere's unique design, the band can provide a fully immersive aural-visual experience for the audience.

The Las Vegas Sphere is a prominent spherical entertainment and technology facility in Las Vegas, recognized for its immersive experiences and advanced technology features. Featuring a striking LED exterior, it hosts a wide range of events, including concerts and virtual reality experiences, making it a significant attraction for tourists and a notable part of the city's entertainment offerings.